"Body Cameras are Standard Issue"

Skip Tracing & Debt Collectors – “Tools of the Trade”

Skip Tracing - Debt Collection

Why You Can't Hide From Debt Collectors The Sneaky Ways That Anyone Can Find You in the Internet Age Article Courtesy of:  ABC News ABC US News | ABC Business News By Gerri Detweiler, Credit.com I haven’t talked to my former roommate Patti in years. But it only took Bill Bartmann, a … [Read more...]

RFID Cards are Easily Hacked or “Skimmed”

Hackers could clone your office key card ... from your pocket

  Hackers Could Clone Your Office Key Card ... From Your Pocket Jillian Scharr | Article Courtesy of:  NBC News Technology From HuMn: It’s freaky knowing that someone can go online and purchase an RFID scanner for less than $100 and with a little computer savvy, start pulling … [Read more...]

Private Investigators Cash In Down Under

Some eastern suburbs residents spend up to $100,000 a month to catch their cheating spouse. Source: News Limited

Private investigation firms cash in on Cheating Spouses as suspicious partners pay big bucks for Surveillance SHAE MCDONALD - WENTWORTH COURIER Actual surveillance images of a man cheating on his girlfriend on the My Spy Private Investigators site. Massive growth in … [Read more...]

Facial Recognition Software Gains Wide Police Acceptance in San Diego

Skip Tracing

Facial Recognition Software Tested Countywide by Law Enforcement By David Gotfredson | Article Courtesy of:  AM 760 San Diego, California Talk Radio Station - 760 KFMB AM - 760kfmb More than two dozen San Diego county law enforcement agencies have started testing facial … [Read more...]

Facial Recognition Software adds “Pose Correction” – Reebok’s Face Detection System Profiles How You Shop

Privacy - Skip Tracing

The End Of Anonymity By Erik Sofge | Article Courtesy of:  Popular Science Technology that matches faces to names can already single out criminals. What happens when it can identify anyone? Click here to see how a useless photo turns into an identifiable … [Read more...]

Skip Tracing PI Bill Warner Says Missing Persons Investigations Could Be Connected

Missing Persons - Skip Tracing

Private investigator: Missing Women May be Related to Other Cases Victor Puente - Email | Article Courtesy of:  WKYT LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Florida private investigator says he believes more than a dozen missing persons cases from Kentucky and surrounding states may be … [Read more...]

Personal Background Checks

Credit Report Request - Skip Tracing

 How to Run a Background Check on Yourself Don't let a prospective employer catch you by surprise! By Carmel Lobello | Article Courtesy of:  THE WEEK Lie Detector Test:  You probably don't need to go this far, though.   The background check is often the last thing we think of when … [Read more...]

“A Skip Tracer’s Story” – Michelle Gomez

Article Courtesy of: WIRED

No Matter How Hard You Try to Hide, This Professional Skip Tracer Will Find You BY RANDALL SULLIVAN Article Courtesy of:  Wired Name: Michelle Gomez Location: Lockhart, Texas Occupation: skip tracer Specialty: hard-to-locate recoveries  Brian Finke At … [Read more...]

Latest Investigative Software for Collection Agencies, Investigators, Attorneys & More – LocatePLUS

LocatePLUS - Investigative Database Solutions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: LocatePLUS Announces That FULL SSNs, Phone Numbers and Current Addresses are Available to Qualified Private Investigators, Collection Agencies and Law Enforcement. Affordable Monthly Package Pricing Feature Unlimited Person Search Along With a Wide Array of Valuable Reports … [Read more...]

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