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Private Investigators Cash In Down Under

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Private investigation firms cash in on Cheating Spouses as suspicious partners pay big bucks for Surveillance

Skip Tracing - Private Invesigators

Cheating Spouses – Skip Tracing – Private Invesigators

Actual surveillance images of a man cheating on his girlfriend on the My Spy Private Investigators site.

  • Massive growth in number of Sydneysiders paying for surveillance on partners
  • Cheaters not gender specific, both sexes equally guilty
  • Suspicious spouses spending thousands on catching out love rats
  • Private investigaters say business growth ‘exponential’
IF YOU’RE up to no good and feel like you’re being watched, chances are you probably are.

The number of Sydneysiders using private investigators to catch cheating spouses has grown “exponentially” in the past 10 years. That’s according to SpouseBusters manager Shane Johnson, who said it was not uncommon for eastern suburbs residents to spend “$100,000 in a month and not even blink”. “Then we have people out west scrimping together their life savings to pay $1000,’’ he said.

Some eastern suburbs residents spend up to $100,000 a month to catch their cheating spouse. Source: News Limited

Some customers spend up to $100,000 a month to catch their cheating spouse. Source: News Limited


  • Partner is deleting emails and/or opens a new email account.
  • Partner is not returning phone calls.
  • Partner deletes text messages and denies receiving calls.
  • Partner is often distracted, daydreaming and absent from home.

Surveillance is charged at an hourly rate and includes the close following of a spouse to see just what they’re up to.

Think binoculars, long-range cameras and video by a sleuth trained to avoid detection. “A woman might ask us to follow her husband home from work,’’ Mr Johnson said “We’ll be given a place and a time to commence surveillance. “We’re in constant communication with the client the whole time. “Wherever the subject goes, we’re in close proximity.” The client then gets copies and they can choose to do with it what they wish. So just how successful are these spies? “Ninety-seven per cent of every job we look at ends in a cheating partner,’’ Mr Johnson said. “The 3 per cent of cases where we don’t find a cheating partner doesn’t mean they’re not cheating, it means they haven’t been caught. “Where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

Skip Tracing - Hidden Camera - Listening Device

Skip Tracing – Hidden Camera – Listening Device Photo Via:

Private investigation company SpouseBusters static sells a range of products to help people catch their partners cheating. This is the listening bug recording device. Source: Supplied

It’s not just middle-aged men doing the dirty either.
The principal of Bondi Junction-based MySpy Private Investigators, Frank (who would not reveal his surname), said 50 per cent of all cheaters were women. “They’re just as bad as each other,” Frank said. Mr Johnson said the growth in the sector was due to increased awareness and more people cheating. “What women used to put up with 10 years ago they’re not putting up with anymore,’’ he said.

“They are out for something better, better than what they’ve currently got.” Frank said he wasn’t aware of hotbed suburbs more popular with cheaters, rather those in the more affluent suburbs — like parts of the east — were more likely to go out for wines and dinners. “The locations change and the way people catch up change,’’ he said.

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