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Alabama Joins Other States In Regulating Private Investigators

by  | Article Courtesy of:  WHNT

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Prior to this month anyone in Alabama could advertise themselves as a “private investigator,” but all of that has changed, replaced with a state regulatory board and new licensing process.

Lawmakers passed Senate Bill 172 on the final day of the legislative session and Gov. Robert Bentley signed it into law in June.

The new law is similar to laws in 48 other states across the country.

Now private investigators must be licensed and consumers have an outlet to voice complaints.

Alabama Private Investigators Association lobbied hard for the past several years to have the laws passed because “a few bad apples” were ruining the reputation of legitimate investigators in the state, according to Bill Posey, a Madison County private investigator who will sit on the newly formed state board.

The other board members will be picked by the governor, community and other state and local groups.

“This is probably the best thing that has ever happened to our industry in Alabama and is a public safety problem that is being fixed,” Posey told WHNT News 19.

“This new licensing and regulatory board will begin the process of ridding Alabama of thieves and thugs who have been operating under the guise of private investigator,” Posey added.

In the near future, private investigators will be required to submit their finger prints and undergo background checks.

They will also have to complete continuing education courses just like private investigators in many other states.

There was nearly unanimous support for this bill in the House and Senate.

SB 172 was sponsored by Senator Bill Holtzclaw of Madison, Alabama and Representative Howard Sanderford from Huntsville, Alabama.


Article Courtesy of:  WHNT


  1. James Moore says:

    Who is Bill Posey and who selected him to be on the P.I. board? I and everyone else should be able to view Mr. Posey resume to see if he is qualified to sit on the board. I am personal friends with the Governor, and he is a great guy and did a good job to include Alabama as a P.I. state. I will reach out to Mr. Bentley to see who he will be assigned to regulate the ones that sit on the P.I.board.

  2. [ Editors Note: LinkedIn Comment Author Jim Casteel ( ) – Re-Posted from the “Investigators World Group” by Permission. ]

    As stated in the Bill, The association, that has worked for years to pass this Bill in hopes to bring Alabama up to a more professional standard, has one appointment on the board. That appointment went to Bill Posey who is the current president of A.P.I.A. This was voted on by association members.

    I believe everyone should have a right to view these resumes and everyone can certainly send in there own through the Governor’s web site. I agree that Governor Bentley did a great thing by passing this bill and that this just adds to a long list of great things that he has done.

    Bill Posey and his wife run an agency in Huntsville and have for many years.
    He has sacrifice much of his time to help get this Bill passed and I believe it was all done for the right reasons.

    I for one am very tired of each and every city I work in threatening to fine us If we conduct surveillance in that city without purchasing a city license even on a one day job. This Bill ends that; I will now have one county business license, one city license (for the city where my office is located) and a State license.

    James, I appreciate your concerns and hope that others will have the same interest.

    I have followed you on linked in for a while and feel certain that once you meet Bill Posey that you will be very comfortable with him.

    I am the Vice President of A.P.I.A. and would like to invite you and all other interested Investigators to attend our next meeting in order to better understand our hopes and intentions for presenting this bill in the first place and our commitment to grow our association in order to provide benefits in networking and many other areas to all Alabama Investigators. In this association the majority vote is the determining factor for all decision; this assures that fairness is always our up most consideration.

    This new act is intended to work for all of Alabama’s Private Investigators and not against them. The regulatory board is there to work for you as well as the consumer.

    Our next meeting is July 20th at the Bass Pro Shop conference room in Prattville AL at 11:00 a.m.

    Everyone is extremely welcome, I hope we see a lot of new faces.

  3. James Moore says:

    You did not say if there will be a board that will over see the P.I. board.

  4. I agree that private investigator must have the license for the most responsible job and I also appreciate that board is taking the steps for security for PI.

  5. I have a local business license holding myself out as a private investigator. How do I become compliant with the new law change? Who do I contact?

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