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Facial Recognition Software Gains Wide Police Acceptance in San Diego

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Facial Recognition Software Tested Countywide by Law Enforcement By David Gotfredson | Article Courtesy of:  AM 760 San Diego, California Talk Radio Station - 760 KFMB AM - 760kfmb More than two dozen San Diego county law enforcement agencies have started testing facial … [Read more...]

Facial Recognition Software adds “Pose Correction” – Reebok’s Face Detection System Profiles How You Shop

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The End Of Anonymity By Erik Sofge | Article Courtesy of:  Popular Science Technology that matches faces to names can already single out criminals. What happens when it can identify anyone? Click here to see how a useless photo turns into an identifiable … [Read more...]

Facial Recognition Software

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Eye spy: Facial recognition software is coming to Google Glass Article Courtesy of: Google Glass panic triggers rise in facial-recognition blockers Skip Tracing Editors Note: Since eye glasses that record video and stills are already available to investigators and law … [Read more...]

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