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“A Skip Tracer’s Story” – Michelle Gomez

Article Courtesy of: WIRED

No Matter How Hard You Try to Hide, This Professional Skip Tracer Will Find You BY RANDALL SULLIVAN Article Courtesy of:  Wired Name: Michelle Gomez Location: Lockhart, Texas Occupation: skip tracer Specialty: hard-to-locate recoveries  Brian Finke At … [Read more...]

Facial Recognition Software

Skip Tracing - Google Glass

Eye spy: Facial recognition software is coming to Google Glass Article Courtesy of: Google Glass panic triggers rise in facial-recognition blockers Skip Tracing Editors Note: Since eye glasses that record video and stills are already available to investigators and law … [Read more...]

“S.O.S.” – Secure Our Smartphones

New York Attorney General - Skip Tracing

Law enforcement demands smartphone 'kill switch' Article Courtesy of:  Herb Weisbaum NBC News contributor Palazzolo, 29, who told of her sister's killing in a cellphone robbery, helps launch the "Secure Our Smartphones Initiative," aimed at encouraging the cell phone industry to adapt … [Read more...]

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