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Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunter

Bounty-Hunting in a Digital World Is a Tough Game Article Via:  HuffPost Tech Skip tracing is a word that wasn't too well known before the digital equations we have with the world came into being. It was limited to fugitives and criminals on the run. But today, with the technology turning … [Read more...]

Skip Tracing & Debt Collectors – “Tools of the Trade”

Skip Tracing - Debt Collection

Why You Can't Hide From Debt Collectors The Sneaky Ways That Anyone Can Find You in the Internet Age Article Courtesy of:  ABC News ABC US News | ABC Business News By Gerri Detweiler, I haven’t talked to my former roommate Patti in years. But it only took Bill Bartmann, a … [Read more...]

Facial Recognition Software Gains Wide Police Acceptance in San Diego

Skip Tracing

Facial Recognition Software Tested Countywide by Law Enforcement By David Gotfredson | Article Courtesy of:  AM 760 San Diego, California Talk Radio Station - 760 KFMB AM - 760kfmb More than two dozen San Diego county law enforcement agencies have started testing facial … [Read more...]

Skip Tracing PI Bill Warner Says Missing Persons Investigations Could Be Connected

Missing Persons - Skip Tracing

Private investigator: Missing Women May be Related to Other Cases Victor Puente - Email | Article Courtesy of:  WKYT LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Florida private investigator says he believes more than a dozen missing persons cases from Kentucky and surrounding states may be … [Read more...]

Latest Investigative Software for Collection Agencies, Investigators, Attorneys & More – LocatePLUS

LocatePLUS - Investigative Database Solutions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: LocatePLUS Announces That FULL SSNs, Phone Numbers and Current Addresses are Available to Qualified Private Investigators, Collection Agencies and Law Enforcement. Affordable Monthly Package Pricing Feature Unlimited Person Search Along With a Wide Array of Valuable Reports … [Read more...]

License Plate Scanning

License Plate Scanner

The inside story of a cop who tracks our data Article Courtesy of:  TechHive | Mark Sullivan When the ACLU released a report Wednesday describing widespread license plate scanning of cars on America’s roadways, everyone from privacy advocates to Sunday drivers felt their basic rights of … [Read more...]

LocatePLUS Investigative Database Solutions for Skip Tracing Investigators

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Skip Trace Professionals Report Fast and Accurate Results and More Cases Solved.  (Boston, MA) LocatePLUS, the leading provider of cost effective, personally identifiable information in the US, is proud to announce their latest website and re-designed investigative … [Read more...]

Sophisticated Gadgets for Do It Yourself Spying – “Is this a GOOD IDEA?”

Spy Next Door - Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing Editor's Note: Owning the technology has nothing to do with the ability to use it responsibly. Since privately obtained electronic evidence is not legal or admissible in court what is it being used for?  When individuals are confronted with the evidence, we can only imagine the … [Read more...]

Private Investigators Trace Cheating Spouses

More people are admitting to spying on cheating spouses...   … [Read more...]

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